Window Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside House

Window Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside House

The plainest type of AC unit is a window air conditioner. This pain AC unit is a casing or boxing which contains all of the components and parts within it. Generally, you install or mount this type of window air conditioner by plugging it into an electrical circuit in a window. Because, this way, it is convenient to move the window air conditioner compartment from one window to another window as you need. Also, these systems have the capability to operate independently.  Just turned your window air conditioner unit and the ‘window air conditioner leaking water inside house’ occurred? What problem could there be with it? Sometimes, there will also be a puddle of water leading on the window ledge or on its vent, from where cold air blows out. So, we will give you all the reasons why window air conditioners leaking water inside the house will take place. The reasons are as follows:-

Here Are Some Reasons ‘Window Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside House’ Happens

Improper Installation Of Window Air Conditioner

If you just recently had a brand new window air conditioner unit installed in your house and you’re already facing a leaking AC unit. It is likely that the unit you bought could be too small or too big for your home or could even have been installed improperly. However, HVAC experts can help you with its access. 

Because Of The Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels will decrease the overall pressure in the window AC unit and can literally lead to the freezing of the evaporator coil. As a result, when it melts, lots of water overflow the drain pan leading to potential flooding. Hence, this can be the reason for your window air conditioner leaking water inside house. In a few cases, you can also repair for the reasons of low refrigerant levels. But, in many other cases, it is a sign that you may need to replace the entire window AC unit in your home.

When The Condensate Pan Is Damaged

For an older window AC system, it is a possible and common reason for water leaking through the drain pan. Because the drain pan unit inside might have corroded or rusted. Moreover, condensate drain pans are generally located under the window AC unit. Note- you can simply take a torchlight to inspect for holes, corrosion, cracks.

If The Condensate Pump Is Broken

House owners who have their window AC furnace or unit installation done in the level of the basement, will have a condensate pump. This condensate pump lets the water outside. However, if this pump is not installed properly or damaged, it can be the reason for the window air conditioner leaking water inside house. Thus, if this is the scenario, you need to fix or replace them. 

Blockage In Condensation Drain

One of the common reasons for a window air conditioner leaking water inside house is the blockage in the condensate pipe. The importance of the condensation pipe is to drain away from the condensation. This process occurs from the overflow pan to the drain pipe. As a result, if the line clogs up with dust, mould, sludge and dirt, water will eventually cause flooding. So, you are at risk if a blockage in the condensation drain occurs. 

Dirty Or Dusty Air Filters

If the window AC unit air filters contain heavy dirt in its compartment, they can block away from the airflow. As a result, it can eventually freeze over your place. But, when it later melts and drips excess water, it can be the cause of your window air conditioner leaking water inside house.  

Why Are The Best Option For Fixing Your Window Air Conditioner? 

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