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Heating Cooling Adelaide is the best choice among individuals, homeowners and business owners for all kinds of evaporative cooling unit services as our diligent technicians are very keen on their work and do their best to serve you and try to bring happiness to your face with our services. Here are some other reasons why should you adopt our Evaporative Cooling Adelaide:

  • We have experience of 20 years in the relevant field and so we are able to fulfil all your needs regarding Evaporative Cooling And Air Conditioners.
  • You can complain to us on our helpline numbers which are totally free and we can hear your queries 24 hrs without delaying you.
  • Our Evaporative Cooling Adelaide services are inexpensive so that a normal person can afford them.
  • We are ready to serve our valuable customers with high-quality services so that you can get fresh air all the time.
  • Our highly advanced technological equipment is helpful in providing top-notch quality installation and maintenance services and maintains the integrity of that brand.

Hence, feel free to contact us whenever you wish to install, repair and maintain an evaporative cooler and air conditioner.

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All You Need To Know About Evaporative Coolers

At the very first you have to know about evaporative cooling. Evaporative Cooling is the reduction in the temperature resulting from the evaporation of liquid. This process gives an intense cooling effect and is used in Air Conditioners.

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Types Of Evaporative Coolers

As per your requirement and house shape and size, there are three types of Evaporative Coolers available. They are:


Direct evaporative air coolers:

Also known as Swamp coolers as they are inexpensive and easily movable throughout your house because they are not made to be installed. They are portable and you have to arrange a plug and on the switch and fill up the water in it.


Indirect evaporative air coolers:

They are comparatively expensive, non-portable and have a duct system to transfer air. Generally used in restaurants, industries and other business places for cooling purposes.


Mounted air coolers:

Mounted air coolers can be used in three ways

  • Ground Mounting in which air coolers are mounted on floors.
  • Window Mounting in which they are mounted on windows.
  • Roof Mounting air coolers are mounted on roofs of industries.
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Functioning Of Evaporative Coolers

It works on the principle of absorption of heat through the evaporation of water. It consists of the following steps:

  • The pump present in the cooler takes water from the tank and circulates it to the cooling pad to make it wet.
  • The fan present in it draws hot air and conveys it through the moistened pad.
  • When air passes out through the moistened pad it becomes cool due to evaporation.
  • Fan and motor are responsible for proper airflow.

This is the whole process of functioning evaporative coolers.

Benefits Of Evaporative Air Coolers

An Evaporative air cooler has so many benefits. They are:

  • It provides 100% fresh air and decreases the risk of air pollution.
  • Its cost of investment is very low and installation cost is also very less.
  • The evaporative cooler requires very little usage of water and electricity and has no detrimental effect on the environment and so it is environment friendly.
  • These types of coolers save up to 80% of energy and hence they are energy efficient.
  • They require constant airflow for operation and give the advantage of high-quality air and hence reducing the risk of contamination.
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Different Heating And Cooling System Services We Provide In Adelaide

Call Heating Cooling Adelaide’s Evaporative Cooling Expert For 24 Hr Service In Adelaide

In Adelaide, if you service at any time for installation, repair and maintenance of Service Evaporative Air Conditioner then call experts at Heating Cooling Adelaide. Our services are ready for you the whole day and 365 days a year. You just need to fill-up the form for the booking process, or you can call on our toll-free number and our Evaporative Cooling Adelaide Experts will come to your home within 24 hrs of your booking. Our services are here, just take a look:

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Evaporative Air Conditioning Maintenance

Likewise your car, bike and other vehicles, you have to maintain your air conditioners also and so you have to Service Evaporative Air Conditioning at least once a year. Regular servicing maintains your air conditioner efficiency and increases its shelf life. In this Evaporative Air Conditioner Maintenance process, our experts open every part of your air conditioner and clean it so that you can get clean and safe air. Hence book our experts as soon as possible.

Evaporative Cooling Replacement Service

If your air conditioner is not working properly or if it gets very old and you want to replace it then try our Evaporative Aircon Service once and it is our guarantee that you will get satisfied enough as we have a lot of services available for your air conditioner which includes replacement also. So, get us soon.

Need Evaporative Air Conditioner Installation In Adelaide

If you buy an air conditioner of a good brand and if you want to get complete relief from heat then you have to install it properly. Therefore, get a free quote from our Evaporative Cooling Adelaide professionals and get perfect Evaporative Air Conditioner Installation through which you get the highest efficiency. Our Adelaide Air Conditioner Installation process is safe and quick without any complaints afterward. We use advanced technology and updated procedures for complete and outstanding Evaporative Air Conditioning Installation. Contact us immediately.

Most Trusted Team For Evaporative Air Conditioner Repair Adelaide

When there is a lot of heat outside your house, you can get cold air inside your home only because of the air conditioner. If this air conditioner gets some defect due to any reason whether it is due to some dirt entering into it or due to some working defect then for continuous use of it, you have to repair it. So, hire our Evaporative Cooling Adelaide skilled technicians for repairing it in a perfect manner as we are the most trusted team of experts for Evaporative Air Conditioning Repair Adelaide.

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We Follow And Work As Per Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd. (ARC)

Our Evaporative Air Conditioning Service is very popular in Adelaide as we provide 100% satisfaction to our customers with our best ever services. Everyone can trust us on the basis of our certification which is provided to us by the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd. (ARC). Our technicians are fully skilled, knowledgeable and licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council for AC Evaporative Service.

All Popular Evaporative Cooler Brand Service Are Available For You By Our Certified Expert

Our experts are fully certified and dedicated to their work. Our team Evaporative Cooling Adelaide provides a number of services that are reliable for you which is proven by our certification. Various brands of evaporative coolers that we service are as follows:


Bonaire Evaporative Air Conditioning

Bonaire is a good brand and is available for installing at your home. You can book an appointment with us for complete installation. Our team has all the resources and plans for proper installation.


Fujitsu Evaporative Air Conditioning

You can get a quote from our team for Evaporative Cooling Adelaide for Fujitsu Air Conditioning installation. We will give you safe installation and undisturbed maintenance.


LG Evaporative Evaporative Air Conditioning

LG is a very good brand and is preferred by the highest percentage of customers mainly for evaporative air conditioners. So, avail our service agents for its safe installation.


Mitsubishi Evaporative Air Conditioners

Get our affordable services for the perfect installation of Mitsubishi Air Conditioners whenever you need even on holidays. Our team remains available 24/7 for all your help.

Kelvinator Evaporative Air Conditioning

You can take an appointment with our experienced and skillful workers for Kelvinator Air Conditioning maintenance and installation. You can call us anytime if you need to look for Evaporative Air Conditioner Service Near Me.

So, our technicians are ready to help you in all situations of Evaporative Air Conditioning.